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Hi Everyone!


I'm new to Celebration Education.  My son Evan is 12-years-old, and I was thinking of signing him up for some of the Disney Days classes, but I was wondering if I could get a little bit more info on what exactly goes on on one of these classes.  Are they designed from a broad age group, or more for younger aged children?  I would REALLY appreciate some feedback from some of you who have attended these. 

Thanks SO much!


Lynda Corpuz

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Hi Lynda!


I'm the teacher for the Disney Days & I have to say that I don't get many students your son's age. Some kids his age still enjoy the classes, but others don't. If you like, it would be totally fine with me if he come to a class for free. If he wuold like to continue, then you can pay.


-Heather Martinson



 Hi Heather,

I'm also new and was wondering what are the ages of these classes? What classes are offered for middle school age, 11 and 14? and is there a place to get class information before you purchase?


Marie Miller

The older students may want to look into the YES classes at Disneyland. Here is a link:


Heather is there anything we can offer them, I know Disney contacted you about selling these classes for the Homeschool day at Disneyland!

Here is a link to the Disneyland Homeschooling Group:



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