Celebration Education

These are the potential activities for these classes this year. Actual activities will be at the discretion of the teacher.

September 16 - Welcome to the Museum

  • Students are given curator folders
  • Students identify the various people and objects that come alive at night in the museums.
  • Students are introduced to the theme song
  • Students learn about and make museum placards
  • Students visit the Disney Gallery

September 30 - Our Universe

  • Students prepare "Peace on Earth" cards to give away
  • Students are introduced to the universe, galaxies, solar systems, and planets
  • Students memorize the planets in our solar system
  • Students learn about the scale of our solar system
  • Students memorize the continents
  • Students explore planets trivia
  • Students learn about potential life on other planets - extremophiles

October 14 - Ancient "Ologies"

  • Make Day of the Dead Masks
  • Discuss fossils
  • Students assemble dinosaur bones
  • Discuss petrified wood and Walt Disney's fascination with it
  • Students assemble human skeletons
  • Students learn the names of the bones in the arm

October 28 - Marine Life/Rookeries

  • Students make lion craft
  • Students play "Who Am I?" with different types of animals
  • Students sort animals by their habitats
  • Students discuss cave paintings of animals
  • Students identify the animals in various Disneyland attractions

November 4 - Egypt

  • Students make their names on cartouches
  • Students learn about various Egyptian pharaohs
  • Students play a tic-tac-toe game with names of Egyptian Gods
  • Students write some pyramid poetry
  • Students play "The Pharaoh Wants" with various Egyptian artifacts

November 18 - Rome and Greece

  • Students make Medussa's headband or a laurel wreath
  • More activities TBD

December 9 - Ancient Festivals

  • Possible Chinese New Year craft
  • Students place ancient festivals on the calendar
  • Students discuss Asian lore
  • Students explore the Chinese zodiac

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