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We are meeting at the tables and chairs at the Pizza Port, right next to the entrance to Space Mountain!

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Lesson Outline


Before class: Students color “peace on earth” cards that they can give to strangers to commemorate International Day of Peace.

Rationale for subject: Show pictures of space & gems/minerals rooms at the American Museum of Natural History.


Discuss space: What's the biggest thing you know of? Starting with the universe, zoom in until we get to the solar system.


Each student gets a planet & they are placed in order. Memorize the planets by chanting their names as the students stand when their planet is called.


Each planet (student) receives an award for the unique qualities of their planet.


Zoom in to earth. Memorize the continents by singing the continents song (to the tune of Where Is Thumbkin?")



There are seven,
There are seven,
Europe, Asia, Africa,
North and South America,


Zoom in farther - Give each student three kinds of rocks and discuss what the three are.


Tell the students about a 6-ton igneous rock in Disneyland & go find it - The granite ball in Tomorrowland.


Move to the the exit of Space Mountain and have the students identify the planets represented there.


Tell the students about a planet that scientists recently found that orbits around two suns, like the planet Luke Skywalker grew up on. Remind the students that the universe is vast and one day, maybe we will find more phenomena like those in science fiction.


Folllow-up attraction: Star Tours



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