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Gee I Love Geology:
At Home Supplements

Groundwater & Underground Rivers


World’s Largest Underground River

Activity: Explore ways to help reduce pollution of underground rivers.

Glaciers form Topography

Activity and information included: http://www.sciencecompanion.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/sample_e...

Sandstone & Hoodoos

Brice Canyon National Park by David Peterson 1997.

Activity: Take a field trip to hike at Zion’s National Park or Bryce Canyon



Gold Mining

Seeds of Hope: A Dear America Book
The Gold Rush Diary of Susanna Fairchild
California Territory 1840
by Kristina Gregory 2001

Gold Mining in the 21st Century: The Complete Book of Modern Gold Mining Procedures
by David McCracken 2000


Caves & Caverns –An Activity Book
by Kate Coder, Audrey Taylor, and Ann Molosky 1990

Looking Inside Caves & Caverns—X-Ray Vision Series
by Ron Shultz 1993

Activity: Make your own stalactite

Layers of the Earth

The Restless Earth: Layers of the Earth
by Ellen Prager 2009

Activity: Use play dough to create a model of the layers of the Earth.


Earthquake by Susan J. Berger

Activity: Build a candy quake



Activity: Cut up a map of the world, and see how you would fit the pieces together if they all needed to fit into one whole. See how your puzzle would look.



Activity: The Disneyland Ride is a 1/100 scale of the real Matterhorn. Create a model to scale of yourself at 1/100. If it is easier, convert the inches into
centimeters to come up with a more accurate scale of yourself.
Take the scale model of yourself back to Disneyland and compare it
to the size of the mountain ride. This is a replica of what you
would look like next to the real mountain!

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