Celebration Education

Lesson 1 - Explorers

  • Students decorate eye patches
  • Talk about eye dilation, experiment with dilation.
  • Identify the explorer, pirate, or privateer
  • Talk Like a Pirate Day - how did pirates speak?
  • Maps and Compasses – Identify n,s,e,w
  • Treasure maps
  • Review ship parts

Lesson 2 - Native Americans and Colonial Villages

  • Weaving
  • Compare the cultures – stone age vs modern age
  • Colonial interactions with the natives
  • Hold peace talks
  • Identify the 13 colonies

Lesson 3 - Colonial Farming and Trades

  • Pumpkin lifecycle
  • Trades and resources
  • Measuring for hats
  • Making bread from wheat seeds
  • Photosynthesis
  • Farming equipment

Lesson 4 - Scientists and Inventors

  • Printers' plates
  • Colonial inventions
  • Scientific method
  • Franklin's kite experiment
  • Static electricity experiments
  • Brainstorming for new inventions
  • Pepper's ghost science

Lesson 5 - Declaration of Independence

  • Sons of Liberty Medallion
  • Events that led up to the Declaration of Independence
  • Dissecting the Declaration of Independence
  • Vocabulary of the Declaration of Independence
  • Signers of the Declaration of Independence

Lesson 6 - Revolutionary War

  • Events that led up to the Revolutionary War
  • Major battles of the Revolutionary War
  • Thank you notes to Revolutionary War soldiers
  • Revolutionary War uniforms
  • Revolutionary War quotes
  • Revolutionary War flags

Lesson 7 - The Constitution

  • Liberty Bell craft
  • Branches of the government
  • Bill of Rights
  • American history quiz

Lesson 8 - Westward Expansion

  • Birch bark canoes craft
  • US Presidents involved in US expansion
  • Lewis and Clark expedition
  • Trains activity

More outlines to follow as the year progresses. Please remind me if I fall behind! These reminders also let me know that people use these outlines! Thanks!

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Hi Heather, my son missed this week's class in Mission Viejo.  Is there anything from the lesson you can send me via email or that he can pick up next week to catch up?  Thanks! -Theresa

Can we please please see lesson outlines from the Disney classes 2 and 3:) Thank you!!

Lesson 4 outline please?? :)

Sure! Here's lessons 4 & 5 now!


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