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From 3/17/11 Disney Day


St Patty's craft


Discussed Leonardo & music


Discussed Pythagoras creating the basis of today's music & experimented with plucking strings to discover how octaves & string length are related.


The students then were each given an empty musical staff & introduced to the letter names of the notes on the scale. Each student used the letters a, b, c, d, e, f, and g to write words, which were then plotted as notes on the staff. I played their words on a recorder (an instrument that Leonardo knew how to play & he also made). Some possible words: Add, Abe, bee, egg, bad, dad, ad, beg, edge, baggage, cabbage, dead, deaf, feed, fed


Then we talked about Walt Disney's attitude and use of music.


We discussed different kinds of music found in Disneyland and different instruments used.


The students were given a picture of several musical instruments and were challenged to hear those instruments within the park.


Optional activity: Have the students play a type of charades game, acting out playing instruments and having the other students guess what instrument it is.

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