Celebration Education

Meet just inside Redwood Creek Challenge Trail in California Adventure.

Craft: tissue paper flowers

Leonardo da Vinci loved and studied nature. He studied medicinal herbs and pioneered modern botanical science.


Leonardo said, “People who are little reliant upon nature are dressed in borrowed clothes, without which I would rank them with the herds of beasts.”


Discuss Nature Deficit Disorder.


Leonardo was the First to describe Heliotropism and Gravitropism.

trope= turn




Walt Disney also loved nature. Show an aerial photo of Disneyland and the surrounding area. Point out that Disneyland has more greenery that most areas.


Discuss Big Sur, Redwood trees (state tree), the tree you can walk through, and the Millennial Tree.


Using the Millennial Tree as a timeline, when was Leonardo alive?


Discuss evergreen vs. deciduous trees.


Play a memory game, matching leaves to their trees.


Show a picture of quail prints. Have the students find the quail prints in the cement. 


Discuss the quail (state bird).


Make quail callers: http://www.sdqu.org/images/Clothes%20pin%20quail%20call.pdf


Give the students a picture of all the animal tracks. Challenge the students to find all of them in the cement and read the signs that the tracks lead to.


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