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Bad News!

Katie's car got broken into and the backpack was stolen, along with all the Adventure Journals and her list of who has earned what. I feel so bad! I wanted the students to take their books home at the end of the year! Even if I tried to recreate their books, it would not have the work they did in them throughout the year.

If you would like to print and make the books again for your own children, they can be found here: http://a.family.go.com/images/cms/disney/0509a-Up-Adventure-Book.pdf 

While I can't replace their books, I'd at least like to try to replace their badges. Katie will have copies of all the badges and can provide them to you, along with a single sheet of paper that they can be placed on. Perhaps if you child has earned the sash, this paper of badges is irrelevant to you. To help you figure out what your children might have earned, take a look at this document. It shows which badges were earned on which Disney Days.

The badges and papers will be available at these last two Disney Days of the year.

If your child has earned the sash but has not yet received it, please let Katie or I know so that we can get them made up for your child.

Let me know if you have any questions!

-Heather Martinson

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This is terrible :-(  I am so sorry Katie's car was broken into and her stuff was stolen.  I hope she didn't loose anything too valuable and the damages were not too costly....


Aiden was waiting to get his Sash, however, if it is too difficult to get, don't worry about it.  He won't know that he didn't get it. 





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