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Crafting a Country Minecraft Events

American History on Minecraft!

Educational AND fun!!!

  • Students come online for moderator-led activities and collaborative assignments on Minecraft.
  • Students may come on the private server on their own time to work on independent projects, to play survival, to work on a creative world, or just to hang out!

Summer 2016 events are twice a week

Tuesdays and Thursdays

Choose 10am or 11am Pacific Time

Schedule and Topics:

Class #




June 30

First Colonies


July 5

Native Americans


July 7

Colonial Villages


July 12

Colonial Farms


July 14

Colonial Trades


July 19



July 21



July 26

Declaration of Independence


July 28

Revolutionary War


August 2

The Constitution


August 4

The Bill of Rights


August 9

America the Beautiful


  • Privacy - A server just for Celebration Education students
  • Safety - Servers have protections to reduce griefing.
  • 24/7 access to the servers.
  • Moderator-led Minecraft events - this is so exciting! - students meet online for 45 minutes each class to participate in topic-related, collaborative activities and challenges. They also have opportunities to show off their understanding of the topics. These events are lead by Celebration Education admins.
  • A survival world - Can you survive in Colonial America? 
  • A Creative World - Express yourself with unlimited blocks!

"I felt like my guys walked away each week being able to talk a little bit about something to do with American history that they hadn't known before." - Mom from Alta Dena, CA


  • Each student must have their own Minecraft account for the PC or Mac. (versions on tablets, game systems and phones are not compatible).  Go to https://minecraft.net/ .
  • Visit our sample server to verify you can get on: cesample.mcph.co
  • Download and set up Mumble. This is a voice chat program that all students are required to use during the events.
  • Students should have basic knowledge of how to play the Minecraft PC/Mac version. If your children know how to make a house, a bed, and iron tools, they're ready!

Instructions to help you with the technical requirements can be found herehttp://celebrationeducation.ning.com/page/get-on-our-minecarft-server-technical-help

Click here to register for the 10am class.

Click here to register for the 11am class.

Once you register for these events, you are invited to join the Crafting a Country group for information about each week's class and ideas of how to expand on the topics on your own: http://celebrationeducation.ning.com/group/crafting-a-country


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