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Want to offer some great online Minecraft events for your students?

Here's how it can work for you:

  • Students meet with you each weekly in real life for fun student-involved classes.
  • Students meet weekly on Minecraft for collaborative events that complement the weekly topics.
  • Students may also go on the private class server on their own time to work on independent projects to follow up on the topic.

Two themes to choose from, each with five components. You may choose any component you like.

Crafting a Country

American History on Minecraft

Available any time

Start out on the Mayflower, build a colonial village, participate in the Boston Tea Party, and ride with Paul Revere!

Component I – Colonial America
    01 - Explorers and First Colonies
    02 - Native Americans
    03 - Colonial Villages
    04 – Colonial Farms
    05 – Colonial Trades

    06 - Scientists and Inventors

Component II – Revolutionary Era
    07 - Uprisings
    08 - Declaration of Independence
    09 - Revolutionary War
    10 - The Constitution
    11 - The Bill of Rights
    12 - The Constitution Today

Component III – Presidents of the US
    13 - Founding Fathers
    14 - Westward Expansion
    15 - Civil War
    16 -Industrial Revolution
    17 - WWII
    18 - World Superpower

    21 - Midwest

Component IV – 50 States
    19 - Northeast
    20 - The South

    22 - The Plains States
    23 - Mountain States
    24 - Pacific States

Component V – California Dreamin'

    25 - Natural California
    26 – Native Californians
    27 – California Missions
    28 - Gold Rush
    29 - Golden Age of California
    30 - Closing Celebration

S.T.E.A.M. World

Based on Around the World in in 80 Days by Jules Verne

Schedule below

Travel the world while experiencing science, technology, engineering, art and math!

Component I:

September 8th-12th England

September 15th-19th Europe

September 22nd-26th Egypt

September 29th-October 3rd Africa

October 6th-10th Middle East

October 13th-17th Yemen


Component II:

October 27th-31st India

November 3rd-7th Flora and Fauna of India

November 10th-14th Asian Religions

November 17th-21st Transportation of India

December 1st-5th Indian Arts

December 8th-12th Bay of Bengal

Component III:

January 5th-9th Southeast Asia

January 12th-16th China

January 19th-23rd Hong Kong

January 26th-30th Chinese Transportation

February 2nd-6th Weather

February 9th-13th Japan


Component IV:

February 23rd-27th Japanese Arts

March 2nd-6th Pacific Ocean

March 9th-13th San Francisco

March 16th-20th US Flora and Fauna

March 23rd-27th US Religions

March 30th-April 3rd Bridges


Component V:

April 13th-17th Native Americans

April 20th -24th US Arts

April 27th-May 1st US Transportation

May 4th-8th New York

May 11th-15th Atlantic Ocean

May 18th-22nd Homecoming

You get:

  • Privacy - A server just for your class - up to 50 students!
  • Ease - Your server is all set up for you with custom American history mods, skins and builds.
  • Safety - Servers will have protections to reduce griefing.
  • 24/7 access to the servers
  • Minecraft events - this is so exciting! - students meet online for 45 minutes each week to participate in topic-related, collaborative activities and challenges. These events are lead by Celebration Education moderators.
  • Lesson plans - You get a copy of lesson plans to be done in class prior to the corresponding Minecraft event. These lessons are two jam-packed hours of fun, hands-on, interactive learning activities that reflect the week's topic. You may incorporate these lessons with your students however you see fit. Ideally, the students receive the corresponding lesson before the Minecraft event.

Each student will need to use his or her own Minecraft account. Students can log on from home.

At this time, these events are not available on MinecraftEdu. Let us know if you are interested in having our event within the MinecraftEdu environment. We may be able to work something out for you!

$400 per component

If you charge $50 per student per component (that's what we charge our students on our server), then you need a minimum of eight students to cover your cost. This includes the server, all the set-up, custom worlds, and even our admin to lead all six of your 45-minute events. If you would like to do some of the work yourself, let us know and we may be able to reduce your cost.

Experience what it's like!

Visit our sample server now to get a glimpse of our Colonial America component! You must already have your own Minecraft account. Go to this server: cesample.mcph.co

Go here for instructions for getting on the server.

Contact Heather for more information and to get Minecraft for your class!


If you're interested in signing up a single student who attends Celebration Education classes, go here: http://celebrationeducation.ning.com/page/ce-minecraft-events


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