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Boarding Schools vs Day Schools - Make the Right Choice for Your Kid's Bright Future

The selection between boarding schools versus day schools for parents can be very confusing. This decision becomes difficult as all parents want to give the best to their children and optimize the best from both the temples of learning. Few parents prefer Day schools as children can learn under the guidance…


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A New Exciting Program: Celebration Education at Silverado Children's Center

In 2006 I started Celebration Education in Yucaipa as a single class for homeschoolers. The plan has always been to grow to become a unique full-time school. Over the years, our classes have been held in six counties, in homes,…

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What's So Great About Celebration Education?

Hello Families!

I just love Celebration Education. I could go on for hours about what I love about CE, but you've heard it from me before. Now I want to hear it from you! I would love it if you would let us know why you like Celebration Education. We want to know what we're doing right and could possibly expand on.

Please take a moment to respond to this post. Here are the things we would love to hear about:

  • What you like best about Celebration…

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Curiosity - A Vital Ingredient

We all learn best when our curiosity is fully engaged. When we’re hungry to learn.

Where does curiosity lead us?

  • We explore.
  • We seek out interesting things.
  • We visit exotic places.
  • We experiment.
  • We read good books.

Some families mistakenly decide to do these "fun" things after the "schoolwork" (i.e., worksheets) is done. But without curiosity engaged, the material will take their…


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Homeschooler Magazine article featuring Heather Martinson:

Check out the spring issue of Homeschooler Magazine, Heather Martinson of Celebration Education, is featured in an article, The Fun Factor.

 non-profit quarterly national magazine filled with helpful articles and resources for homeschoolers and anyone…


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How do I get a Celebration Education Weekly Class in my area?

Celebration Education Weekly Classes can be set up anywhere. Our classes currently take place at parks, in private homes hosted by homeschool families, at charter schools, and at homeschool learning centers.  If you have a place near you that you think will work for a weekly class we can help you set one up.


Trial classes are offered to let new families get a feel for what our hands on thematic classes are all about. The cost for a trial class is $10 per…


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The Future of Celebration Education


Celebration Education



Celebration Education recognizes that every child has their own genius. We inspire that genius by allowing each child to take the lead in their learning experiences, drawing on their innate learning…


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The Myths of Education - Why Celebration Education Does What it Does

        We provide Adventure,

                which inspires Creativity,

                        and leads to Possibility.

Every child has their own genius. We inspire that genius by allowing each child to take the lead in their…


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What is CE and what can we sign up for?

Celebration Education offers thematic based hands on learning experiences:

The weekly classes meet once a week for two hours. Each class includes 8 fun, hands-on activities to help the children delve into the topic of the week. The 8 activities usually include a craft, some math, a language arts activity, and a physical activity.

Weekly classes which are offered at various…

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What's With All This Fun?

Many families "get it" right off when they see all the exciting stuff we've got planned for this year. Others wonder, "What's with all the fun?"

There is a good reason we do it. It's because emotion is the gatekeeper to learning and performance.

When children are happy, they are in a state of relaxed alertness, which is the optimum state for introducing new information. When this new information is juxtaposed with…


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Crafting An Education

Crafting an Education

Using Minecraft in your learning

Abbreviated notes By Heather Martinson…


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Would you consider doing classes at Knott's Berry Farm?

Hi. I'm just curious if you'd be willing to offer a class similar to your Disney class at Knott's Berry Farm, next year?  A group of us have found the Disney pass increase to be prohibitive and are moving over to Knott's passes for 2013/14. We enjoy the Disney classes and would love to continue, but with the 2012 price of 2 Disney passes, I can buy Knott's, Seaworld, SD Zoo (family), and Aquarium of the Pacific (family) memberships for my son & I.

Thanks for your…


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Kinda fun, we met a homeschool stop motion animator today at NBTS

Hi Everybody,

Heather met this family today and the son makes stop motion animation! So fun!!!

Check this out: 



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Scholastic Book Club

Hello Families,

We want to share some exciting news, we are now able to order from Scholastic Book Clubs. They offer a wonderful variety of books for all ages and covering many topics. 

Scholastic Book Clubs Ordering Information


Class Activation Code: J6637

Our school…


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Get your familiy all dressed in Celebration Education wear:)

Get your Celebration Education Wear! Lots of items available!

Now available CE Wear! Check out our store front where you can order shirts, hats and bags all with the CE…


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Exercise Your Brain!

Your best mind is the one that keeps asking questions until you get the quality of information you want.

Asking questions and solving problems is like an aerobic workout for the brain.…


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Questions First

The act of asking questions and solving problems is good for the brain. We become smarter by doing things that challenge our brains.…


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by Karen Kindrick Cox

Not all learning is equal. Covering the material does not mean understanding, finishing a textbook

does not indicate mastery. No real learning takes place until it moves from


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Leonardo and Learning

Leonardo is such a great example of a learner for us. He had an enormous range of interests beyond the incredible paintings that made him legendary. He was also an inventor and scientist. His curiosity



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Art vs. Science

Which is more important: art or science?

Too often, children are discouraged from aiming to become professional dancers, artists, or musicians.

But why?

Parents feel they are being realistic by pointing out to their children that it's hard to make a living in the arts and that they should drop those…

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