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A New Exciting Program: Celebration Education at Silverado Children's Center

In 2006 I started Celebration Education in Yucaipa as a single class for homeschoolers. The plan has always been to grow to become a unique full-time school. Over the years, our classes have been held in six counties, in homes, at parks, in rented rooms, at two theme parks, and online on Minecraft. We’re having a great time with all these classes, but it’s not until now that we are able to offer a full-time school option as well!
Celebration Education has been invited by the Silverado Children’s Center to run a full-time school program! Silverado Children’s Center is a small school campus in Silverado Canyon in Orange County, with wilderness all around. The school already has several school animals, such as a rabbit, hamster, snake, goat, and even a miniature horse! The environment alone is inspiring! Inside, it’s like coming home. Children of all ages feel welcome and comfortable here. I love this place!
Plus, it’s exciting because this will be a private school like no other. This school will have no desks, textbooks, lectures, or worksheets! Instead, students will participate in our dynamic hand-on classes, get one-on-one time with the teacher, work on collaborative projects, and go on weekly outings! It’s true learning experiences! We love this! No “common” education around here!
And just so you know, we’re not turning our backs on the homeschool community. Our homeschool classes are still available throughout Southern California. Additionally, homeschoolers may join us at Silverado Children’s Center for any of our classes offered there. Families can be paid members to gain access to the children’s center during all school hours, plus to get discounts on classes.
Take a look at what we’ve got planned!


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