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Boarding Schools vs Day Schools - Make the Right Choice for Your Kid's Bright Future

The selection between boarding schools versus day schools for parents can be very confusing. This decision becomes difficult as all parents want to give the best to their children and optimize the best from both the temples of learning. Few parents prefer Day schools as children can learn under the guidance of their parents however few prefer modern day residential schools that offers immense exposure to students in terms of education, sports, extracurricular activities, networking with the faculty and opens a plethora of opportunities.

Making the right choice is imperative for a child’s secure future

  • Boarding schools are expensive and parents feel less involved in their children’s upbringing as personal touch is missing.
  • Students even today who are hostel school pass outs are far more disciplined and well- groomed in comparison to those who attend regular schools.
  • Day schools give children the time to discuss problems at school with their parents and guardians. Parents can channelize them in the right aspect and can take care of their overall grooming and upbringing which includes developing proper eating habits, mannerisms. 
  • Parents can channelize their energy towards working on their strengths as they know their child’s strengths and weaknesses.

It’s obvious for Parents and guardians to have some reservations initially while sending their children to boarding schools. Many often feels that it’s like uprooting a naïve and vulnerable child from their loved ones and sending them to a completely different world. However it is vital that people see all aspects and think about their child’s secure future first than being over protected and anxious.

What role does Residential Schools play in overall grooming of your child?

  • Boarding Schools not only develop the linear intelligence but also help foster the aesthetic sense that is missing from most of the children in today’s time.
  • Children gets to learn team work and become independent from a very early age. So you are not only sowing the seeds of confidence but also prepare them for a bright and fearless future.
  • Boarding Schools offer cross innovation models to their students, from letting them paint under the tree to learning dance on their favourite dance form to interact freely with peers and teachers. This widens their horizons and let them unfurl the tactical knowledge into the practical one.
  • These kids become the knowledge powerhouse after passing out from residential schools and make their parents feel proud of their upbringing.

Many of the boarding schools in India such as Chinmaya Vidyalaya Nauni, India International School etc. are making place in the list of international level schools and are becoming first choice of Indian parents as well as NRIs.

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