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Homeschooler Magazine article featuring Heather Martinson:

Check out the spring issue of Homeschooler Magazine, Heather Martinson of Celebration Education, is featured in an article, The Fun Factor.

 non-profit quarterly national magazine filled with helpful articles and resources for homeschoolers and anyone interested in children who learn outside of a conventional school environment. Readers will find articles that will inspire, encourage, and support their choice to homeschool.


For 25 years, the Homeschool Association of California (HSC) published The California Homeschooler.  When that magazine was expanded and redesigned to appeal to a wider geographic audience,The Homeschooler was born. It is now available to subscribers across the country. This magazine is unique because it is published by a non-profit volunteer-run organization. The Homeschooler is sure to be appreciated by all kinds of homeschooling families nationwide!

 You can subscribe here: http://www.homeschoolermagazine.com/main.html

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