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How do I get a Celebration Education Weekly Class in my area?

Celebration Education Weekly Classes can be set up anywhere. Our classes currently take place at parks, in private homes hosted by homeschool families, at charter schools, and at homeschool learning centers.  If you have a place near you that you think will work for a weekly class we can help you set one up.


Trial classes are offered to let new families get a feel for what our hands on thematic classes are all about. The cost for a trial class is $10 per child.


It takes at least 5 interested students to set up a weekly class and we can offer a trial class in your area to see how much interest there is. All you have to do is email us with the day, time and location you want to try and we do the rest.


For more details and to set up a trial class please email us:



To read more about the classes we offer click here:


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