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What is CE and what can we sign up for?

Celebration Education offers thematic based hands on learning experiences:

The weekly classes meet once a week for two hours. Each class includes 8 fun, hands-on activities to help the children delve into the topic of the week. The 8 activities usually include a craft, some math, a language arts activity, and a physical activity.

Weekly classes which are offered at various locations around Southern CA, see website for more info. www.CelebrationEducation.com 
If there is not a location near you, please email us to set up a trial class.  For more details on our trial classes click here: http://celebrationeducation.ning.com/profiles/blogs/how-do-i-get-a-...
Weekly Class Cost is $150 per each six week component. There are 5 six week components each school year. If you are paying by cash or credit card the cost is discounted to $120 per component except for a few specific locations, where the cost can not be discounted, at this time these locations are Mission Viejo and Monrovia. 
Disney and Knott's Classes are shorter 45 minute long classes that follow the same schedule as the weekly classes but since these classes only meet about twice per month, they include two topics at each meeting covered in 8 shorter hands on activities. These classes can be taken by themselves or along with the weekly classes. The cost for these classes is $10 per class meeting, if you sign up for 8 or more classes and pay by cash or credit card you save 20% on all the Disney or Knott's classes you sign up for in one transaction.
**The Minecraft Activities are weekly meetings online. You are at your own home, on your own computer, using your own Minecraft account to login to the Celebration Education server. The pocket Edition of Minecraft on your tablet or phone will not work with the class.
During the Minecraft activity classes the students will be lead through many fun activities by a CE Minecraft Moderator the activities go along with what they are learning in class.  The students who are signed up for the Minecraft Activities Class have access to their CE Minecraft server 24/7. 
The cost per each 6 week component is $50, if you sign up for all 5 components and pay with cash or credit card you get one component free.**
**The Minecraft Activities Class is the only class that can not be taken all by itself, in order to take the CE Minecraft Class you must be enrolled in either a weekly class, a Disney Class, or a Knott's Class.**  The reason for this is we do not want any strangers on the server with our families.
CE also offers Teen Disney and Knott's classes which meet for two hours about twice a month and are $22 per class. Get a 10% discount when you purchase eight or more classes in one transaction while paying by cash or credit card.  For more info on the classes and to see the topic schedules please click the link:

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